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Ricky Sweet  ~  "In his own words".
The following information is dedicated to our amazing Frontman who is selflessly devoted to bringing magic and colour to each and every word and note which is sung and played for our audiences.

"Ricky Sweet" performing Freddie Mercury.
Frontman of UK rock band 'Mercureality'.

   Being in a band, or any kind of production for that matter, was always something that I had wanted to achieve far earlier than I had anticipated.
I remember being 11 years old and serving our local church as an altar boy.  The priest would say "Tell me what sins you wish God to forgive you for, my child".
   With tears and brief look across the room, I would softly reply "I feel that I have sinned because I always love and help others but I am the one who becomes lonely and hurt. Father, please forgive me".
Most of this actually stems back to my days of being emotionally taunted as a boy in school.
   After seeing most of the world and having worked selflessly in different jobs to make only a modest life for myself, I feel that I have received my calling - not from God or any angel, but from a man who inspired the world with not only his irreplaceable, exhuberent and theatrically talented composition of works, but also gave new hope and meaning to millions of suffering families in the third world.
   Every time I see a butterfly hover across the vale, or a leaf breezing on a tree, I close my eyes and think of Freddie Mercury and the new meaning he has given to me and my spirit, the only soulful drive and ambition I ever need to carve my tears into the memory I have of my friend, and the passion that will always live on and on through the years for the rest of time.
   Mercureality is not my band, and never shall be.  Yes, I gave us a name and I brought us hope, but it is everyone else I know who has made our dreams a reality.  My best friend and drummer, Calvin Leong, and the crew who make us what we are, and also to my family and friends back home in Bolton, England.
   We will rock you... 
                      We will live forever...
                                       We will have a miracle...
                                                             We are  M E R C U R I A L I T Y.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to playing for you soon!
God save the Queen.  We love you all.  x 
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