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The photo gallery below is a loving memorial tribute to the inspirational and beautiful spirit of Freddie Mercury, each still of which captures a million emotional responses in our minds and leaves us remembering our joys and tears of this blessed superstar as though he was still here today.
Featured at the foot of the collection are media stills of Garden Lodge, his home in Kensington, London, and also of the door to his home where hundreds of thousands of fans have and still continue to leave personal messages of affection to this very day, in loving memory of the man who changed all of our lives forever...  Freddie Mercury  ~  "The Greatest Showman".

Freddie Mercury - A Star Is Born

Having fun was a big part of Freddie

The Show Must Go On... And it did!

Playing an instrument was like playing with a heart.

The was in his grasp at wembley Stadium in '86




Home and final resting place of Freddie Mercury
Garden Lodge, Kensington, London

Freddie Mercury Personal Quotes
"If I really wanted to make a big confession about my sex life, do you really think that I would go to the Sun, of all papers?  Of course I f**king wouldn't!  I'm more intelligent".
"There have been some rumours recently about a certain band called Queen, and the rumours are.. the rumours are that we're gonna split up, what do you think? They're talking from here!  Pardon me, but I say what I want.. you know what I mean?  I don't know. We aren't that bad for four ageing Queens, are we?  I must.. I must tell you that I keep wanting to leave but they won't let me. So forget those rumours and we're all gonna stay together until the day we f**king well die, i'm sure".
"This shitty guitar never plays the cords I want it to play - It only knows three cords"
"I'm just a musical prostitute, my dear!"
"I have to go around the world living in hotels. You can have a whole shoal of people looking after you, but in the end they all go away."

Freddie finds time for relaxation

Freddie with parents Bomi and Jer Bulsara

Freddie practising 'The Golden Boy'

Giving fans a powerful dose of 'One Vision'





The front door of Garden Lodge
Have you left your message of love for Freddie?

Freddie Mercury 2005 Tribute Video.
To download, simply click on the link below.


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