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Le Opera Piccante

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For more than 25 years, millions of loyal Queen fans from around the world have kept the art, music and truly inspiring works of flamboyant frontman Freddie Mercury alive with a magical passion and never ending love.
As the 14th anniversary of the death of Freddie Mercury slowly approaches us this year, Mecuriality reverently kneel before the audience and accept the strength, the drive and the magic from the spirit of the greatest showman who ever lived.
We are very proud and excited to present for our audiences a ceremonial and bittersweet Rock Opera performance.
Consisting of classic Rock hits and powerful Opera sopranos which were performed by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe, we will not only rock you... we will steal your hearts and tears!







"An amazing performance from a gifted singer, full of grace and glory"  
City Life magazine.
"Maria Callas would be tearful if she could be here today!"
The Daily Record.
"The transition from Rock frontman to Operatic showman is outstanding...
One of the best performances that we have seen so far this decade!"
The Literary Circle.



Le Opera Piccante ~ Programme
19:30pm:     Opening Sequence
                   ~ Japonaise Troupe
20:00pm:     Artistes Se Bonnes
20:30pm:     Mercuriality ~
                   Queen Save The God 
                   (selected cover hits)
21:30pm:     ~ I N T E R V A L ~
22:00pm:     Le Opera Piccante
                   ~ Opera Soprano Duet
23:00pm:     Opera close
                  ~ Luminat Magic Grande
                  (Special FX end)
The above events schedule is correct but subject to change without further notice.
Official dates and times of performances are to be confirmed for the 2005 calendar and such information will be readily available at the Ticketmaster website or in a copy of The Stage newspaper.
Thank you for your kind interest and continued support.

Copyright (c) Mercuriality 2005. Authentic tribute to Freddie Mercury & Queen. Site media protected by copyright law. No published work to be copied without permission. All rights reserved.

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