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Queen are thought of and remembered by us all as artists who believed in one saying;
"To be a singer is great, but to be the best is legendary".
Forever, they will live in our hearts and minds as the only UK Rock band to change the way we think and feel when we listen to music.
Freddie tried to teach us all so much with his ineptly whimsical yet strangely beautiful composition of lyrics, backed by scores which from the time of conception, were bound and destined to leave a timeless memory deep in our subconscious selves.
Without the many great singers and composers who have revolutionised the music industry, as well as the stunning creativity and imaginative flair which they have adopted to their work, there could never have been any such glory brought to our ears in the style and form that truly is Queen.
The stills in the section below represent the entire Queen cast.
We are pleased to present them for your viewing pleasure.







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